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Are you looking for a high-quality Wood Fence Installation Company? Wooden fences stand out as the sole natural fencing option, offering your property an earthy appearance that beautifully complements your landscaping. Besides vinyl, wood is the only material that can provide complete privacy for your home. 

The Wood Fence Installation process involves setting fence posts into the ground with a concrete base, followed by attaching 2" x 4" horizontal rails to these posts to form the structure. Vertical slats, or pickets, are then affixed to the rails to fill out the fence. 

Wooden fences typically come in their natural, unfinished form, offering you the opportunity to customize their appearance with paint or stain in any hue you prefer. The selection of styles, such as board-on-board, shadowbox, stockade, and horizontal, ensures a variety of design options to suit a wide range of tastes and landscaping themes.

Wood Fence Installation

Wood Fence Provide Security & Privacy

Wooden fences rank as the preferred fencing option in South Florida, valued for their affordability and the privacy they ensure. While vinyl fencing may outshine in durability and weather resistance, the true charm of wood fences lies in their unparalleled customizability. With the option to paint or stain them, you can effortlessly align your fence with your home's exterior or backyard accents. Ready to discover if a wooden fence is the right fit for your project? Explore your options with us today and make an informed decision.

Board-on-Board wood fencing

The board-on-board style is the most popular choice for wood fencing due to its balance of privacy and affordability. This design features dog-ear pickets attached in an overlapping sequence for complete opacity: each picket is fastened to the front of the fence section, with subsequent pickets layered on top. This overlapping ensures a seamless, privacy-enhancing barrier along the fence line. According to South Florida's building regulations, the finished side of the fence must face outward toward your neighbor, leaving the inward-facing side to expose the rails and posts. For those seeking a more uniform look on both sides, a double-sided option is available at an extra cost per foot.

Shadowbox wood fencing

At Xtreme Fence, discover the elegance and functionality of Shadowbox fencing, a variant that shares its assembly technique with the board-on-board style but introduces a unique twist. Unlike the even pickets being mounted atop the odd ones, Shadowbox fences feature odd pickets affixed to the opposite side of the section. This innovative design ensures full privacy when viewed head-on and a subtle semi-privacy effect from angles. Notably, specific areas, including Coral Springs, mandate the installation of this distinctive style over traditional wood fencing alternatives. Elevate your property with the sophisticated look and privacy of a Shadowbox fence. Contact Xtreme Fence today to find out how we can tailor this solution to meet your needs and comply with local regulations. Let's transform your fencing concept into reality.

Stockade wood fencing

Similar to the board-on-board approach, this fencing style achieves 100% opacity by positioning each picket directly beside the next along the fence line, without the overlapping method used in board-on-board designs to craft its private appearance. However, this direct placement style is less commonly seen than board-on-board, primarily because wood naturally tends to warp over time. Such warping can lead to the formation of small gaps between the pickets, compromising the intended privacy. This inherent characteristic highlights the importance of considering long-term durability and maintenance when choosing your fencing style.

Horizontal wood fencing

With this fencing choice, posts are anchored in concrete, and then pickets are affixed horizontally to these posts, diverging from the traditional vertical alignment. Horizontal wood fences generally offer a level of semi-privacy, as there is a deliberate small gap left between each adjacent picket. The exact spacing between pickets can be tailored to meet local building regulations or to accommodate the homeowner's personal preferences, ensuring that the fence not only provides the desired privacy and aesthetic appeal but also complies with all necessary guidelines.

Wooden fence maintenance

Unlike vinyl fencing, wood fencing requires quite a bit of continued maintenance in order to guarantee the type of longevity you would expect from a large investment like a fence. Although the components are pressure-treated, they can still decay when subjected to the humidity and salty air of South Florida. In order to keep your fence looking like new, you’re going to have to pressure wash it regularly and stain and paint it as often as it needs, usually once every 5 or so years.

Also, wooden fences tend to collapse during hurricanes, so if this concerns you, you might want to consider hurricane rated vinyl fencing as a substitute — it’s more expensive at first, but over the course of 10-20 years it ends up paying for itself.

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