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At Xtreme Fence, we provide Wood Fence Installation in Palm Beach that complements your property and keeps it secure. We understand the intricacies of installing wood fences and complete the task in just a few hours. Xtreme Fence has a collective experience in the supply and installation of the wood fence, so you can entrust us to help you find wood fences of the right style, size, and height.

We provide customized Wood Fence Installation in Palm Beach that you may paint to match the look of your house or backyard. Wood is quite affordable compared to other fence alternatives, and this is due to the lower cost of the materials needed to construct a wood fence. Even if portions of the fence become broken or require immediate repair, it is feasible to focus on the places that require attention rather than removing the entire fence.

Licensed, insured, and bonded, Xtreme Fence understands your requirement and assists you in making the right choice of fencing. We provide Wood Fence Installation for Palm Beach residents and business owners. Since 2015, we have continued to offer wood fences in multiple designs, styles, sizes, and heights. Get in touch with us to receive a free estimate and consultation.

Wood Fence Installation Palm Beach

A natural and organic way to secure and privatize your property

With over a decade of experience selling and installing fences in South Florida, our company is one of the most experienced groups of fencing contractors in either Broward or Palm Beach Counties. Our experience gives us special insight into the needs of every city and homeowners association in South Florida, which allows us to easily navigate the permitting process. It also ensures that there won’t be any mistakes or miscalculations in purchasing materials, installing fence sections or dealing with inspections.

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