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At Xtreme Fence, we are committed to providing you with the most professional and reasonably priced chain link fence installation in Royal Palm Beach. You are also able to choose the right fencing choice to meet your requirements while staying inside your budget. Our expertise extends to all kind of fencing, from galvanized chain link to vinyl and aluminum fencing, and everything in between. In addition, we offer commercial fencing for added protection of your property. Whether you require court fencing for your condo or a cricket cage for your backyard, Xtreme Fence has got you covered. If you are searching for security fencing, we can provide you with fencing that is entirely impregnable to anyone who might try to break in.

Because of our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of Chain Link Fence Installation in Royal Palm Beach, we are able to say with complete assurance that we are able to provide our clients with the highest possible quality of both the craftsmanship and the customer service that we provide. There are several different factors that contribute to the widespread use of chain link fences. In addition to being cost-effective, they are inexpensive, long-lasting, and require only a small amount of maintenance and upkeep overall. Chain link fences are distinguished from other types of fencing in that they are suitable for installation on residential, commercial, and even industrial premises.

Our team of professional installers has years of experience with chain link fence installation in Royal Palm Beach. We are also completely dedicated to providing excellent customer support service. From the moment we arrive at your premises until we finish installing your fence, our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or provide assistance when needed. We will provide you with upfront pricing that includes all labor and materials cost before starting the job. No hidden charges!

Obtaining Chain Link Fence Installation in Royal Palm Beach requires picking a reliable and knowledgeable business. A skilled installation crew will possess the tools and knowledge to guarantee a correct and effective installation. They will also provide warranties and guarantees for their work to give the property owner peace of mind and the certainty of a job well done. For more details about our installation services, give us a call today.

Chain Link Fence Installation Broward & Palm Beach

An Economical Way To Secure Your Property

If you’ve got a large perimeter to fence in, chain-link is going to be your most affordable option. Although you won’t get the privacy that wood fence or vinyl fence have, you will get an extremely economical way to secure your backyard from intruders. For hundreds of years, chain-link fences have been the gold-standard of security fencing for both residential and commercial applications, find out why below.

Residential Chain Link Fencing

If you don’t have a high budget for your fencing project, chain link is a perfect choice. You can very cheaply secure your large backyard with five-foot or six-foot high chain link and also enclose your front yard with heights up to four feet. Gate options include single walk gates at widths up to six-feet, and double-drive gates at widths up to twelve feet. If you happen to need a very large gate for boat or tractor trailer openings, cantilever roll gates are also available. For households with small children or small animals capable of climbing underneath the chain link fabric, you can opt to install a bottom rail, or a line of tension wire in order to prevent any accidents.

Commercial Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link fencing has been the standard for commercial fences throughout the world for over a hundred years, and for good reason. The security and durability of a ten to a twenty-foot fence around your business can give you a true sense of relief knowing that it’s pretty much impossible for anyone to trespass on your property. chain link fences are also relied upon by government and correctional facilities to secure some of the most difficult to secure areas in the world. Gate options include single walk gates, double-drive gates, roll gates and gates with electrical operator systems.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence Installation

If you don’t like the standard steel color of galvanized chain link, or if you live in a city or municipality (like Coral Springs) that requires the use of colored chain link, you have the option to go with a vinyl-coated version. In this style variation, the steel wire is encased in a PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) shell that The PVC coating resists attack from dilute solutions of most common mineral acids, seawater, and dilute solutions of most salts and alkali. In other words, it’s impervious to the salt-charged environment of Broward and Palm-Beach Counties. You can choose from three vinyl-coated chain link color options, black, green and brown.

Chain Link Fencing Add-On’s

You have the choice of a few different add-on options for your new chain link fence.

  • Vinyl privacy slats: Thin slats made of PVC that slide in-between chain link fabric to add a degree of privacy, come in different color options.
  • Windscreens: A polyethylene woven screen that attaches to the outside of a chain link fencing section. Comes in many different colors and can provide between 75% and 90% privacy.
  • Tension wire: Wire that inter-weaves along the bottom of a chain link fence fabric section that when stretched, creates additional tension in order to reinforce stability.
  • Bottom Rail: An additional rail that compliments the standard top-rail. Provides much more stability and reinforcement than tension wire, but is also more expensive.
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