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Because of our highly qualified team of specialists, we have been acknowledged as one of the top and finest organizations providing Vinyl Fence Installation in Lauderdale by the Sea since 2015. Because our staff is so passionate about what they do, we can guarantee that our customers will get the best results possible. Because some of our specialists have over 20 years of experience in the industry, you can be sure that your fence project will be completed with the best possible results.

We provide trustworthy Vinyl Fence Installation in Lauderdale by the Sea at Xtreme Fence. We understand that home improvement projects may be stressful for many homeowners and business owners, whether a new fence installation or a fence repair. Our team makes the fencing process as simple as possible by helping you through it. We provide free consultation services, during which we learn about your needs, and our staff devises the ideal fence solution for your property. We also provide a free estimate and consultation.

When you have Xtreme Fence on your side, finding the proper Vinyl Fence Installation in Lauderdale by the Sea is a breeze. Whether you require the fence to keep burglars out of your yard and property, ensure privacy from nosy neighbors, or create a play area for your children, we have you covered. Licensed, insured and bonded, Xtreme Fence has a team of experts who are professional, competent, helpful, and trustworthy.

When you rely on Xtreme Fence for your vinyl fence installation in Lauderdale by the Sea, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that your installation meets the proper regulations. An economical choice for properties of all sizes, our extensive inventory enables us to provide clients with efficient installations, regardless of the location. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and receive your free quote for a fence that meets your specific needs.

Vinyl PVC Fence Installation

Vinyl fences are incredibly attractive and long-lasting

With over a decade of experience selling and installing fences in South Florida, our company is one of the most experienced groups of fencing contractors in either Broward or Palm Beach Counties. Our experience gives us special insight into the needs of every city and homeowners association in South Florida, which allows us to easily navigate the permitting process. It also ensures that there won’t be any mistakes or miscalculations in purchasing materials, installing fence sections or dealing with inspections.

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