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Established in 2015, Xtreme Fence Company in Wilton Manors is your go-to source for attractive and enduring fences at affordable installation rates. As a licensed, bonded, and insured fence contractor, we cater to county residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Our skilled team has assisted numerous property owners in constructing sturdy, long-lasting, and visually appealing fences over the decades. We take pride in offering competitive prices that enhance the profitability of those entrusting their properties to our expertise. Unsure about the right material and design for your needs? Connect with us to schedule a free consultation and estimation. Trust Xtreme Fence for fencing solutions that blend durability, style, and functionality.

Recognizing the significance of fencing, as an licensed, insured, and bonded Fence Company in Wilton Manors, we provide a comprehensive range of four primary fence services, including Vinyl PVC, Aluminum, Chain Link, and Wood fences. The use of PVC Vinyl solutions results in an exceptionally durable material, offering a compelling alternative for those seeking the privacy and security of wood fences without the burdensome maintenance. Aluminum fencing is the optimal choice for elevating the aesthetic of high-end backyards and pool enclosures. We offer two distinct types of aluminum fences: Mechanical and Welded fencing. Not only do these fences resist corrosion and oxidation, but they also impart an elegant appearance to any property.

For a cost-effective solution, consider the chain link fences installed by Xtreme Fence Company in Wilton Manors. Available in different sizes, gauges, thicknesses, and colors, these fences are suitable for residential and commercial properties. To enhance functionality, add-ons such as line tension wire, privacy slats, or bottom rails can be incorporated to prevent accidents. Opting for the timeless appeal of wooden fences brings a natural aesthetic to any property. Offering 100% privacy, these fences can be customized with options like Board-on-Board fencing, Shadowbox, Stockhead, and horizontal wood fencing. Our wooden fences are not only hurricane and storm-proof but also adaptable to a myriad of styles, providing you with a versatile fencing solution.

Vinyl PVC Fence Installation

Fences are Attractive and Long Lasting

With over a decade of experience selling and installing fences in South Florida, our company is one of the most experienced groups of fencing contractors in either Broward or Palm Beach Counties. Our experience gives us special insight into the needs of every city and homeowners association in South Florida, which allows us to easily navigate the permitting process. It also ensures that there won’t be any mistakes or miscalculations in purchasing materials, installing fence sections or dealing with inspections.

Hurricane Resistant

You’re just not going to find a fence company that cares about quality like we do. We don’t install any materials that we wouldn’t put on our own properties, in fact, we go out of our way to source suppliers not known to other South Florida fence contractors to bring you new and innovative fencing products.

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  • Vinyl Fence
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Wood Fence
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