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Xtreme Fence stands out as a premier fence company in Coral Springs, offering top-tier installation services for Aluminum, Chain Link, Wood, and Vinyl Fences for both commercial and residential properties. Tailor your fence to suit your specific needs and budget by choosing from a variety of colors, styles, and heights, including options like wooden-textured vinyl and aluminum products. Get in touch with our knowledgeable fence experts today to schedule a free consultation and create a customized package. We assure you that our conversation will exceed your expectations.

There are many reasons why you should choose Xtreme Fence Company for Coral Springs' property. Fences protect your valuables and family and keep intruders and animals off the property. Fencing helps identify the correct boundaries between lands, ensuring you avoid any kind of property disputes. High fencing can separate your property or home from the outside world if you love privacy. And finally, our hundreds of customizable options can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property, increasing its value.

Fencing is an investment that will not only improve security but also increase your property’s value. Xtreme Fence is a licensed, insured, and bonded fence company in Coral Springs. It has 20+ years of experience making commercial properties and residential homes look their best and stay safe with highly valuable solutions. Whether you want premium quality and long-lasting solutions or affordable fences that offer value for money, connect with our fencing experts for a free consultation and quotation.

Vinyl PVC Fence Installation

Fences are Attractive and Long Lasting

With over a decade of experience selling and installing fences in South Florida, our company is one of the most experienced groups of fencing contractors in either Broward or Palm Beach Counties. Our experience gives us special insight into the needs of every city and homeowners association in South Florida, which allows us to easily navigate the permitting process. It also ensures that there won’t be any mistakes or miscalculations in purchasing materials, installing fence sections or dealing with inspections.

Hurricane Resistant

You’re just not going to find a fence company that cares about quality like we do. We don’t install any materials that we wouldn’t put on our own properties, in fact, we go out of our way to source suppliers not known to other South Florida fence contractors to bring you new and innovative fencing products.

Types Of Fencing

  • Vinyl Fence
  • Aluminum Fence
  • Chain Link Fence
  • Wood Fence
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