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Providing residential and commercial Aluminum Fence Installation for Weston properties of all sizes, Xtreme Fence offers both mechanically constructed and welded aluminum fence construction. Xtreme Fence provides consultations and quotes to determine the right fence for your property. Built to last, choose from mechanically constructed or welded fence construction and customize the picket spacing and rail quality for a custom design. You can also add custom scrolls and other decorative elements when choosing welded fence options.

In South Florida, building codes require the installation of an aluminum fence for pool enclosures and on properties that are adjacent to waterways to provide security for your property while not impeding the sight lines of passing vessels. When providing aluminum fence installation in Weston, we install according to the required building codes and requirements. When you are looking to add security to your property or protect unwanted access to your pool, we provide free consultations to determine your best solutions.

Take advantage of aluminum fence installation in Weston for customized roll gates, mechanical entry systems, and other installations, including pool enclosures, stair railings, garden fences, and yard perimeter fences. Xtreme Fence is your choice for a locally owned and operated fence company providing options to suit all budgets. Licensed, bonded and insured, we provide free consultations and quotes to determine the proper installation for your property.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fences Are Perfect for Pool Enclosures and High-End Backyards

This type of fencing material is a perfect fit for your South Florida property, especially since most houses in Broward and Palm Beach counties either have a pool or are located on a waterway. Aluminum fences and railings look much more modern and high-end than chain-link, which make them a great alternative when you are attempting to give your property an elegant look. Read more about the specifications and advantages of aluminum fencing below.

Aluminum Fence For South Florida Pools

Most South Florida properties contain pools, and if you own a pool, building code dictates that you must enclose that pool with an approved structure. The best choice for a pool fence in Broward County or in Palm Beach County is definitely aluminum fencing. This particular fencing material is perfectly suited to enclose a pool as the standard base styles already conform to pool-codes without any customized specifications.

Also, if you live adjacent to a waterway like the inter-coastal, you must install aluminum fencing as it both meets pool-codes and visibility requirements put in place to ensure passing boaters can have clear sight-lines when navigating the waters.

Durable & Long Lasting Aluminum Fence

In contrast to iron fencing, aluminum fencing will not oxidize or corrode over time, even in the salt-laden South Florida air. Also, instead of being liquid painted, aluminum fencing components are dry powder-coated. The powder-coating process involved dry powder is electrostatically applied to a raw aluminum extrusion, then cured over time in order to create an extremely durable skin of thermoplastic or thermoset polymer.

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