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Vinyl fence in South Florida

Vinyl fence

PVC or vinyl fencing is typically is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a resin that when combined with chemical enhancements such as coloring, UV ray protection, impact resistors and other ingredients produce a fencing material that is extremely strong and resistant to sunlight and many other elements that other fencing materials, like wood, have a tough time standing up to over the course of it's lifetime.

Vinyl fences are available in many style variations, including privacy, picket and semi-privacy, and since vinyl fencing is custom fabricated on an order by order basis, each of these base styles has a basically infinite number of custom variations available. Standard colors include white, tan and khaki, but there are some manufacturers that produce a wood grain textured product as well.

Aluminum fence

Fences made from aluminum are manufactured in one of two ways, either mechanically with screws, or welded by a certified welder with years of experience.

The most common, and less expensive choice, mechanical aluminum is usually used to enclose swimming pools or to surround backyards that are directly located on a waterway such as the intercoastal.

Welded aluminum is far more expensive, but is the one of the strongest fences you can buy. The welding process also allows for more variations on style, such as custom scrolls with an almost infinite amount of choices available.

Aluminum fence in South Florida
Wood fence in South Florida

Wood fence

If you have a smaller budget for your fencing project, but still want privacy, then wooden fences are your best bet. Since wood fence is roughly half as expensive as vinyl fence, it can be much cheaper to enclose your backyard using this particular material for your job.

However, wood fencing requires much more maintenance than other types of fencing do. You'll need to regularly stain or paint your wood fence to ensure it keeps a youthful look over it's lifetime.

Chain-link fence

The most economical fencing choice is by far, chain-link. You can enclose your entire property perimeter very cheaply with this option. If you desire privacy, there is an option to place vinyl slats in between the chain-link fabric, or the option to place a windscreen over the fabric.

There are no style options to choose from for chain-link as this fencing material consists of galvanized inter-woven fabric. However, you can choose from a few difference guages, or thicknesses and you can also choose from three difference colors aside from the standard galvanized - black vinyl coated, green vinyl coated and brown vinyl coated.

Chain-link fence in South Florida

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