How to choose a type of fence for your Broward County property

  broward fence company A new fencing project is a big investment, so you should put quite a bit of effort into choosing a fence material and style that you and your family will enjoy for many years. Your final decision should be based on a few key factors — some that are specific to fencing in Broward County, and others that are more general. Read the information below, then contact us to discuss things further.

Do you need privacy?

One of the major benefits of having a fence installed on your property is the complete privacy that they provide. However, there are only two fencing materials that can achieve a totally opaque section — vinyl fence and wood fence.

Wood fence privacy options

There are two styles of wood fence that are most commonly used for privacy — board-on-board and stockade. Board-on-board fences achieve total privacy by utilizing an installation approach which involves one individual board, or “picket,” being nailed on-top of the following board. Every odd picket is nailed directly to the “rails,” or horizontal members and every even picket is nailed on top of the odd boards. The even pickets are attached to the rails in a manner that leaves a space in between them. so that the even picket overlaps the edges of the odd boards by a small amount. Stockade fences achieve total privacy by having each picket placed directly next to one another in a straight line, resulting in a completely flush panel, as opposed to board-on-board which achieves it’s privacy via overlapping pickets, resulting in every odd picket being indented while having every even picket be raised.

Vinyl fence privacy options

PVC fencing has one completely private style of fencing section which is aptly named – privacy fencing. This style of fence is assembled with three key components — pickets, pocket-rails, and posts. During fabrication, each post has two holes routed to accommodate entrance of a pocket rail, so that during installation, after the post is set in concrete, each pocket rail is inserted into the pre-routed holes. After the rails are inserted into the posts, (11) tongue-and-groove style pickets are then inserted into the pockets of the rails and interlocked via the tongue-and-groove system. The completed section is 100% opaque. Two variations are available for vinyl privacy fences, a standard grade which uses smaller rails and thinner posts, and a commercial grade which uses larger rails and much thicker posts.

Is there a pool in your backyard or are you located on a waterway?

Broward County has special requirements for fences that are enclosing properties which are located on a waterway and properties that have a pool installed on them. For properties that sit adjacent to a waterway like the inter-coastal, your backyard fences must not exceed 4′ in height and must have a certain degree of visibility which can only be obtained with aluminum or chain-link. For properties that contain a swimming pool, you absolutely must enclose the pool with an approved fencing or screen structure that is at least 4′ in height, has closely positioned vertical members and has gates that are unusable by small children.

Does your city or H.O.A have special fencing requirements?

Certain cities, municipalities, and home-owners-associations have strict requirements for fences installed upon properties within them. For example, privacy fences in Coral Springs are not allowed and all chain-link fencing bust be black vinyl coated. Be sure to check with your local agencies before coming to a decision on which fence to install on your Broward property.

Consider your budget.

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a fencing style, is your budget. Fencing styles vary widely in price with vinyl fences being roughly twice the cost of wood fences, and since the price of your fencing installation depends on the total linear footage of your project and the price point of your chosen Broward fence installation company, budgets need to decide upon well before you are ready to install, so that you don’t run the risk of overshooting.